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  Reviews on old and new Movies, Television Shows and Comics of Ultimate Spider Man. Spidey got his ability by being bitten by a radio activated spider. Slinger rules!  

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Certainly there always was plenty of action for Spider-Man in New York, especially with the appearance of the deadly Hobgoblin, and Peter's troubles with his symbiotic black costume he obtained after being whisked away to the Secret Wars, a battle on a far away world between the Earth's greatest heroes and villains orchestrated by the enigmatic Beyonder. His costume shredded, Spider-Man thought he obtained a new black and white costume (similar in design to the new Spider-Woman) from a costume making machine. After returning home to Earth, Peter discovered his costume was actually a living entity, feeding off his adrenalin as it possessed his body while he slept. Thanks to Mister Fantastic, the costume was removed by sonic blasts, and captured. It escaped, still emotionally dependant on Spider-Man and reattached itself. Spider-Man forced it off by the loud noise atop the bell-tower of a church (where the alien costume would later attach itself to Eddie Brock forming Venom).

posted by sleepyhead @ 5:42:00 AM   33 Comments

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Monday, November 5, 2007

ultimate spider man
Meanwhile Peter and Gwen's college Professor, Miles Warren, had begun his own deadly schemes as the Jackal. Miles blamed Spider-Man for the death of Gwen, whom he had himself fallen in love with. The climax of the Jackal's plan was his creation of a Spider-Man clone, but at the conclusion of the final battle, both the Jackal and the clone were killed. With their departure, Peter's life returned to normality, as much as it ever could for a college student who was secretly a costumed super-hero...

ultimate spider man
Following up the story, Spiderman faces other clones of hymself, among them was one with a disfigured face and another one with six arms in a black costume (issues 98 and 99). In this issues Peter Parker is faced to say the truth of hes identity to his Aunt May, and even to unmask in front of the Fantastic Four. Not only that, hes forced to leave an amnesiac Gwen Stacy and face the re-appearance of hes presumed dead father, Richard...

posted by sleepyhead @ 3:44:00 AM   14 Comments

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ultimate Spider Man soon found himself facing a rogue's gallery of powerful thieves, gangsters, and megalomaniacs including the Chameleon, the Tinkerer, the Vulture (Adrian Toomes), Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), the Sandman, Doctor Doom, and Electro. In Florida, he befriended Dr. Curtis Connors after administering an antidote to reverse his transformation into the terrible Lizard and even more villains clashed with Spider-Man including the Green Goblin, the Big Man and the Enforcers, Mysterio (Quentin Beck), and Kraven the Hunter...

ultimate spider man

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posted by sleepyhead @ 6:39:00 AM   5 Comments

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Friday, October 26, 2007

A short biography of Ultimate Spider Man, orphaned as a baby when his parents were killed overseas in a plane crash as U.S. government spies, only child Peter Parker was raised by his elderly Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Peter was academically gifted "Genius" but socially, however, he was painfully shy and the target of much cruelty by his peers at Midtown High School...

On a public science exhibit when Peter was 15-years old, he was bitten on the hand by a radioactive spider accidentally irradiated by a particle beam, empowering Peter with the arachnid's proportional strength and agility, and the ability to cling to almost any surface. Most incredibly, he had gained a sixth sense that provided him with early warning of impending danger...

Disguised, Peter tested his new-found abilities defeating professional wrestler
Crusher Hogan in the ring, and earning some cash. Using his scientific prowess, he constructed a pair of artificial web-shooters that attached to his wrists. With an agent, a costume, and a new name, Spider-Man became an overnight sensation on television...

posted by sleepyhead @ 6:42:00 AM   3 Comments

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

ultimate spider man
It is the third film in the Spider-Man film franchise based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. The film stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, and Topher Grace.

The film begins with Peter Parker basking in his success as Spider-Man, while Mary Jane Watson begins her Broadway career. Harry Osborn still seeks vengeance for his father's death, and an escaped convict, Flint Marko, falls into a particle accelerator and is transformed into a shape-shifting sand manipulator. An alien symbiote crashes to Earth and bonds with Peter, influencing his behavior for the worse. When the symbiote is abandoned, it finds refuge in Eddie Brock Jr., a rival photographer, causing Peter to face his greatest challenge.

ultimate spider man
television shows review

Spider-Man 2007 Movie!

posted by sleepyhead @ 1:48:00 AM   16 Comments

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spider-Man 2 picks up two years after the events of the first film. Peter is struggling with being Spider-Man and keeping the rest of his life in order. Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn, is out for revenge against Spider-Man, and the woman he loves, Mary Jane Watson, is about to marry someone else. Dr. Otto Octavius develops four mechanical, artificially intelligent arms to handle a fusion reactor he's creating. The reactor malfunctions, and the mechanical arms are melded to his body. With the arms giving him direction, Octavius sets out to build a bigger, stronger fusion reactor.

posted by sleepyhead @ 6:54:00 AM   76 Comments

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The film was based on Marvel Comics' superhero character, this is a story of Peter Parker who is a nerdy high-schooler. He was orphaned as a child, bullied by jocks, and can't confess his crush for his stunning neighborhood girl Mary Jane Watson. To say his life is "miserable" is an understatement. But one day while on an excursion to a laboratory a runaway radioactive spider bites him... and his life changes in a way no one could have imagined. Peter acquires a muscle-bound physique, clear vision, ability to cling to surfaces and crawl over walls, shooting webs from his wrist ... but the fun isn't going to last. An eccentric millionaire Norman Osborn administers a performance enhancing drug on himself and his maniacal alter ego Green Goblin emerges. Now Peter Parker has to become Spider-Man and take Green Goblin to the task... or else Goblin will kill him.

posted by sleepyhead @ 2:38:00 AM   3 Comments

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